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  Boy Scouts of America Troop 39 is located in the Antelope Valley of California and is one of the oldest Troops of the Antelope Valley District of the Western Los Angeles County Council. The troop has a history dating back to the 1930's in Lancaster and is currently  chartered by the Palmdale United Methodist Church. Troop 39 welcomes all visitors!!!  
  Troop 39, Lancaster Council, organized by Scoutmaster L.S. Tudor, started with a handful of boys from the grammar school. (Picture c. 1930 from "Images of America - Lancaster" by Norma H. Gurba page 83)  
  Boys from Troop 39 who attended summer camp at Camp Whitsett, July 2015.   
Palmdale United Methodist Church         Tuesdays 
 39055 10th Street West   Set Up  6:45
Palmdale, CA 93551   Meeting  7:00
(map)   Circle Up  8:30
Troop Contacts:
Committee Chair         Pat M.          committee.chair@av39.mytroop.us
Scout Master   Walt B.   scout.master@av39.mytroop.us
Troop Secretary   Susan M.   secretary@av39.mytroop.us
Troop Treasurer    Mendy S.   treasurer@av39.mytroop.us
Advancements Chair   Vicky G.   advancements@av39.mytroop.us
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Troop Web Master   Randy M.   web.master@av39.mytroop.us
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  If you are a Troop 39 Scout, Parent or Scouter and are having an issue accessing the secure part of the webpage, please email web.master@av39.mytroop.us and make sure you include your full name in the email.  
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(06/14) Cooking Merit Badge

Posted by R.Monette on May 18 2016 - 4:50am

Dr. Arroyo will be coming in the first and last day we are working on the Cooking Merit Badge. The Scouts that earning the merit badge will be required to print out the Worksheet (attached). 

(05/24) McGill Outing Camping Fees, Food Funds, Menus Due Tuesday and Pack Inspections performed by parents at home!!

Posted by R.Monette on May 18 2016 - 4:36am

There is a lot going on the next few weeks and the Camping Fees and Food Fees need to be collected on or before the Meeting on 5/24/16. This outing is open to all Scouts. There will not be a pack inspection for this outing, so please help yous Scout and do the inspection at home.

(05/30) Antelope Valley Flag Placement 2016 (Service Hours)

Posted by R.Monette on May 18 2016 - 4:33am
  • Antelope Valley Flag Placement 2016
  • There will be refreshments in the morning and a BBQ after the Memorial Day program.

(05/24) Chess Merit Badge at Troop Meetings

Posted by R.Monette on May 16 2016 - 5:51pm

Birng a chess board if you have one to the next couple meetings. Do not bring anything that you do wan the kids to handle and possible drop of a table.

(9/30) Fort Tejon Outing (More Sign Ups Needed)

Posted by R.Monette on May 7 2016 - 6:46am

Sep 30 2016 - Oct 2 2016 (More Sign Ups Needed!!!). This outings is being opened to parents and siblings in order to take advantages of groups rates and a chance to participate. The troop will cover the cost of Scouts and Leaders in Class A Uniforms. The troop will cover the cost of Scouts and Leaders in Class A Uniforms. Parents and siblings that want to tag along are encoraged, but will have to cover their own cost (see link calendar for more information and links). A weekend was picked where demonstrations are being done and we will be given a 1 hour tour. Calendar Link (More Info) or Facebook Link (Spread the Word).

(08/19) FULL --- Family Campout with Swimming, Kayaking and Canoeing ---FULL

Posted by R.Monette on Apr 23 2016 - 4:28am

We are at full for this outing. Thank you to the parents who attended the Parents Meeting and signed your family up. We would appreciate getting camping fees as soon as possible.