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  Boy Scouts of America Troop 39 is located in the Antelope Valley of California and is one of the oldest Troops of the Antelope Valley District of the Western Los Angeles County Council. The troop has a history dating back to the 1930's in Lancaster and is currently  chartered by the Palmdale United Methodist Church. Troop 39 welcomes all visitors!!!  
  Troop 39, Lancaster Council, organized by Scoutmaster L.S. Tudor, started with a handful of boys from the grammar school. (Picture c. 1930 from "Images of America - Lancaster" by Norma H. Gurba page 83)  
  Boys from Troop 39 who attended summer camp at Camp Whitsett, July 2015.   
Palmdale United Methodist Church         Tuesdays 
 39055 10th Street West   Set Up  6:45
Palmdale, CA 93551   Meeting  7:00
(map)   Circle Up  8:30
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Committee Chair         Pat M.          committee.chair@av39.mytroop.us
Scout Master   Walt B.   scout.master@av39.mytroop.us
Troop Secretary   Susan M.   secretary@av39.mytroop.us
Troop Treasurer    Mendy S.   treasurer@av39.mytroop.us
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  If you are a Troop 39 Scout, Parent or Scouter and are having an issue accessing the secure part of the webpage, please email web.master@av39.mytroop.us and make sure you include your full name in the email.  
  Troop 39 would like to acknowledge our charter:  

Cake Auction & Court of Honor is this coming Tuesday November 24, 2015

Posted by R.Monette on Nov 18 2015 - 5:07am
  • Starts at 6:30
  • The Cake Auction is lots of fun and a way for the Troop to raise money for a good cause. 
  • Each Scout makes a cake, cookies, cupcakes, etc. and family can help (or oversee). 
  • They pick out a theme, such as pirates, a movie, toy, etc.
  • Sometimes along with what the Scout made he includes another little goody (not required) such as movie tickets, restaurant discount cards, etc. 
  • There are usually variations on the "cake" idea, some Scouts have bought items, and some have brought other treats such as gift baskets. 
  • All of the cakes will be on display for viewing before the Court of Honor.
  • After the Court of Honor wards ceremony, the Cake Auction will start.
  • Everyone can bid on the cakes and other goodies. 
  • Please bring as many friends and family members as you can for this event. 
  • Again, it is a lot of fun!

Waivers needed for Sky High Trampoline Outing Saturday December 05, 2015 from 11 am – 1 pm.

Posted by R.Monette on Nov 18 2015 - 5:07am
  • Sky High requires a waiver completed for each participant and it has been attached and also can be found attached to the calender.
  • Please, complete the waiver and bring it to the meeting this coming Tuesday, if your child is participating.
  • You can still sign up for this outing through 12/1/15.
  • Most parents will be taking their own Scout to this outing, please let us know more than a week in advance if your Scout will need to carpool so we can try and assit with utiing you in touch with the right people.

Camping fees and sign ups needed for Carpinteria Camping Trip

Posted by R.Monette on Nov 18 2015 - 5:06am
  • Jan 22 2016 - Jan 24 2016
  • Carpinteria State Beach
  • Families are welcome to sign up until we reach our 32 person cap.
  • Twelve miles south of Santa Barbara, Carpinteria State Beach offers a mile of beach with tide pool exploring and camping. If Lifeguards are present swimming will be allowed. The Spanish named the area Carpinteria because the Chumash tribe, which lived in the area, had a large seagoing canoe-building enterprise, or "carpentry shop" there, because of naturally occurring surface tar which was used to seal the boats. 
  • Seals and sea lions can be seen in the area December through May, as well as an occasional gray whale.  Tide Pools contain starfish, sea anemones, crabs, snails, octopi and sea urchins.
  • The park is off U.S. 101, twelve miles south of Santa Barbara.  

Summer Camp 2016 will be at Mataguay Scout Ranch and we need to start sign ups as soon as possible

Posted by R.Monette on Nov 18 2015 - 5:04am
  • The Scouts of Troop 39 have made their choice for Summer Camp 2016:
  • Last years leaders guide is attached with more information including activities and merit badges.
  • Scouts voted on Summer Camp 11/17/15 at the regular meeting

User Login

Posted by R.Monette on Sep 8 2015 - 5:52pm
  • All Scouts and Parents will be granted a user login upon request and be added to the Troop's Weekly Email Blast.
  • If you need your login information please email web.master@av39.mytroop.us and you will be sent instructions.
  • The login will allow you to acess to the calendar, sign up for activities, sync your smart phone with the troop's calendar and more.

All Participants must register for outings and pay deposits (non refundable) ahead of time (Scouts and Adults)

Posted by R.Monette on Sep 6 2015 - 9:08am
  • In the past the Troop had boys sign up for events and not attend, as a result a deposit system was started.
  • The Troop now collects a small deposit to ensure participants are serious about attending (in most cases, this only cover a portion of the cost the Troop actually pays).
  • Deposits are not transferable or Refundable. The troop pays for activities based on the number of participants and is the reason for deposits.
  • "Register by dates" have been added to each outing on the Troop's Calendar to try to avoid this in the future.
  • These dates may change based on the number of available camp sites, or the availability of slots for participants, and other factors out of the Troops control.
  • Outing Registration is not guaranteed until the deposit is paid (signing up for an outing is just the first step).